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Navagraha Gemstones and its Significance

Nava means nine. And Graha is planet. So Navagraha Gemstones are about the nine gems ruled by nine different planets, according to Vedic astrology. These stones are considered most auspicious as they are believed to bring health, happiness, prosperity, and peace to its wearer. It also protects a person from negative energies.

Look at the planets that various gemstones represent.

Indian astrology names Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl and Blue Sapphire as Maha Ratnas, mostly worn in rings. They are believed to neutralise the effects of malefic planetary positions on the horoscope.

Realizing the significance of navratnas or navagraha in dealing with undesirable phases in life, the popularity and demand for Navagraha jewellery is also increasing by the day. Besides rings, the navagraha gemstones are also studded in necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and anklets.

Besides ensuring the authenticity of a stone before buying, one should also consult an expert to know the auspicious day and time for good results.

According to astrology significance, a gemstone must be able to capture, hold, and transmit the related planet’s energy radiations. Therefore it does not recommend certain gemstones for navagraha. It does not assign, for instance, the sapphires Nilambari and Pitambari to any navagraha planet. And the reasons range from the capability of a stone to capture radiations, to the accuracy with which it connects with a particular planet.

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