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Experience Power of Astrological Gemstones

The Vedic astrology prescribes various astrological gemstones for people with various zodiac signs for favorable effects, which include business or professional success, health benefits, and spiritual progress.

Usually, experts suggest boosting the planet that most auspicious to your horoscope. Usually, the auspicious planets are the ones that rule the first, fifth, and ninth houses. This is important to know before you wear a gemstone, because if you wear the wrong astrological gemstone that gives energy to a planet that rules your inauspicious house, it will bring unfavorable results.

Now, another thing that you must keep in mind if you wish to go for a gemstone expecting astrological benefits is that the more flawless a gemstone is the higher are the results that it brings. Here flawless means an original, high quality stone with an authentic hue and tone subjected to fine cutting, without treatments that can distort its quality.

It is important to overcome the notion that you must stick to the size or carat suggested by your astrologer. It is the quality that matters when you are looking at getting the most out of an astrological gemstone. Once you are sure that the stone you have selected does not compromise on its quality, you can certainly choose a size that suits you. As the case is, the stones with bigger sizes are more powerful.

Here are a few tips for a person who wishes to wear a astrological gemstone for maximum benefits:

  • Always purchase a stone after consulting an expert. He can be a seasoned astrologer, well-read numerologist, an experienced palmist, a known face reader or spiritual reader. Buy only the stones recommended by one of these people.
  • Ensure that the gemstone you are buying is not damaged in any way. Check for any cracks or chipped part.
  • Learn and remember the correct procedure to purify the gemstone before wearing it.
  • And the most important part. An astrological gemstone needs to be embedded in a ring in such a way that it touches your body.

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