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We are an established gemstone trading company, serving the Gem and Jewellery industry, gem enthusiasts, and collectors in India and worldwide for over 55 years.


We have been an integral part of the gemstone industry for generations. Our founder, Mr. Gobindram Punjabi, established the gem trading business shortly after independence in 1947.


The business continued to succeed over a decade. A milestone reached was when Mr. Deepak Punjabi fixed on the name of the company as T.T. Gems.


The next generation – Mr Deepak Punjabi’s sons, Kamal Punjabi and Amit Punjabi, certified gemologists and experts, joined the business and have helped continue the legacy. With their masters in business degree, they bring fresh ideas and a younger perspective, taking the company to greater heights.


We aim to give back to the industry from which we have gained so much. Over the years we have generously contributed to associations like GII and GJF for the research and development of gemstones and jewelry.



Continuing the family name, Mr. Deepak Punjabi, the founder’s son, joined the business in the year 1972 and helped take the company forward.


Under the leadership of Mr. Deepak Punjabi, the company began to grow notably. We have made a name for ourselves in the Indian market and are expanding overseas, exporting to markets in USA & Europe.


With their experience and passion for gemstones, Kamal and Amit have actively carried out R&D of gemstones, participated in seminars and expanded their knowledge by travelling around Asia. Their awareness of new practices and methods has benefitted India’s gemstone community.


Our company has grown significantly in the past few years and aim to keep doing so. We are a part of IIJS Gem and Jewellery show which is held in Mumbai every year, and we will soon also exhibit at other renowned Gem shows in India and worldwide. We are also scaling up and soon will launch two more stores in Mumbai.

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