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Semi-precious gems in wholesale at TT Gems

Semi-precious gemstones are as vital to the gemstone industry as the precious ones. The semi-precious tag that they earn is a commercial term, a way of classification used by traders to suit their marketing needs, because these stones possess properties which make them useful as astrological gemstones too. With their precious sparkle and other benefits, they make an immense contribution to the jewelry and gemstone market.

The value of a semi-precious gemstone is determined mostly by its hue and tone. All stones which are not diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires, are put under the semi-precious category.p>

Once a person uses a semi-precious stone, either for astrological purpose or for jewelry, he is immediately convinced of its value.

There exist over 200 semiprecious gemstones. Wholesale markets thrive on these gems. Some of the most popular ones are:

The premium semi-precious gemstones that we offer are:

The best thing about these stones is that you can buy them at reasonable prices. From rough chunky and flat trapezoid, to the casual flat fancy and nugget drop, to the more delicate looking round, cushion cut and teardrop, all varieties of semi-precious gemstones are at sale TT Gems manufactures. Buy them at wholesale prices from our store for a worthwhile deal. Our elaborate machinery has a definite process to source the stones from the places they are found, scrutinize their values before it is offered to our dealers and customers.

Another significant use of semi-precious gemstones is for jewelry without digging a hole in your pocket. Get the same glitter and, in most cases astrological benefits, with the semi-precious stones.

Besides our store, which makes available a wide variety of stones, TT Gems’ also has an array of semi precious gemstones in wholesale prices.

There is a little ambiguity over the stones coming under the semi-precious category. Certain gemstones, initially classified as semi-precious, later became highly expensive because of high demand and so confused experts whether they should still call it semi-precious.

All said and done, the semi-precious stones have always been close to our heart. We love them because of their ability to cater to the average man’s desire to get the gemstone sparkle in a much lower budget.

Check out our collection of semi-precious gemstones wholesale category for the best prices.

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