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Burmese Ruby Unheated
Burmese Ruby Unheated

5.26 carats Burmese Ruby Unheated Square Cushion cut GII Certified

Shape Square Cushion cut
Weight 5.26 carat
Quantity 1 piece
Measurement 10.00 x 10.00 x 5.65 mm appx
Origin Burma
Enhancement Unheated
Lab Report GII
Product # R10

Attract Sun God's blessings with Burma Ruby

Burma has been a great source of rubies for long. Corundum, which a ruby is made of, has been rated by the Mohs scale as the second hardest substance. The gem gains its high value and admiration from a fine blend of this hard substance with a rich color and silky sparkle.

Burma Ruby is red corundum. Other than Burma Ruby all other varieties of corundum are referred to as sapphire. A Ruby is the second hardest substance on the Mohs scale, with a rating of 9. It is this combination of excellent hardness and the rich color and silky shine that make fine Burma Ruby gems so valuable. Burma Rubies range in color from pinkish to orangey and purplish and brownish red, depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Most experts expect a medium to medium-dark color tone in a very good Burma ruby gemstone.

The traditional sources for fine rubies are Burma and Thailand. Mogok in the Mandalay region of Myanmar (Burma) has been called "The Valley of Rubies" because of its abundance of fine ruby gems. At TT Gems we can find many affordable rubies coming from Africa and Madagascar.

TT Gems offers the Oval Cut Burma Ruby Heated of 5.34 carats. The gemstones we offer are certified by GII. Pick up one from our large collection of rubies to make your engagement ring irresistible, besides gaining astrological advantage.

Draw fame and prosperity in life with Burma Ruby. Order online now!+

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