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Myths and folklores of all ancient histories of the world have been showering upon us rich descriptions of gemstones. Of ancient tales from mytho-histories, gems are the only things which have lived on to date, and with equal allure. One of the gemstone which has always been much loved by the elites is the South Sea Pearl.

The pure, immaculate, and gentle South Sea Pearl
TT Gems offers a premium collection of radiant and lustrous South Sea Pearl. This graceful silver white to off white pearl -- sometimes with tones of yellow – is born to the rare pinctada maxima oyster. It’s special in every sense - its size, smoothness and roundness. They definitely make the earrings and pendants they are embedded into priceless as their creamy white colour makes them exquisite.

The Astrological impact
The South Sea Pearl is best for people who are into teaching profession and consultation. The gem helps retain natural peace, calm the mind, and improve memory by raising spiritual inclination. Associated with the planet Moon, and a birthstone of June-born, this majestic pearl embodies the energy of Shiva. For thousands of years, it has been revered in India for not just its beauty, but also its medicinal effects such as treating heart disease, ulcers, diabetes, and eye problems.

A name Synonymous with Trust
TT Gems’ has proved to be a huge source of premium gems for the jewellery industry as well as gem enthusiasts across the world with its unlimited collection. The trust it has gained in the 55 years of existence is a result of its ability to seamlessly cater to the contemporary jewellery trends, while delivering pure and exceptionally elegant products, authenticated by world’s leading laboratories.

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Get excellent prices at TT Gems. Feel free to email or call us for any inquiry regarding gemstone info, its authenticity and rates. Also visit our store in Mumbadevi to check out the unbelievably astonishing assortment which has gems that fit every requirement. Pay cash on delivery, through net-banking, or by credit/debit card. Rest assured that your purchase is covered by absolute value for money, a quick delivery, and a dependable after-sales service.

Experience a higher memory and a calm mind with the South Sea Pearl. Buy today!

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