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Buy Star Ruby online at TT Gems
One of the most eye-catching stone that every girl wearing pendants hoops, studs, rings, and earrings must have is a star ruby.

Silky. Shiny. Classy.
TT Gems opens a huge assortment of the stunning and exuberant star rubies for you. The range of subtle hues we provide is pinkish red rising up to brownish red. This gemstone competes with a fine diamond after it is cut and polished. Add some extra appeal to your favourite precious metal jewellery by choosing from the exotic red star ruby TT Gems offers.

Royal and powerful
Traditionally, wearing pendants or head gear studded with star ruby was royal warriors’ way of empowering themselves against the enemy. On these lines, it is believed to be internal strength booster which helps a person cope stressful situations as well as heal stress-related disorders.
A birthstone of July born people, and also related to the ascendants of the zodiac sign Capricorn, it is mainly recommended to ward off bad luck and health problems.

A name Synonymous with Trust
TT Gems’ has proved to be a huge source of premium gems for the jewellery industry as well as gem enthusiasts across the world with its unlimited collection. The trust it has gained in the 55 years of existence is a result of its ability to seamlessly cater to the contemporary jewellery trends, while delivering pure and exceptionally elegant products, authenticated by world’s leading laboratories.

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Feel free to email or call us for any inquiry regarding gemstone info, its authenticity and rates. Also visit our store in Mumbadevi to check out the unbelievably astonishing assortment which has gems that fit every requirement. Pay cash on delivery, through net-banking, or by credit/debit card. Rest assured that your purchase is covered by absolute value for money, a quick delivery, and a dependable after-sales service.

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