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The gorgeous yet durable, delicate yet powerful Pink sapphires have been the top choices for most types of jewellery items.
Get amazed by TT Gems’ vast collection of pretty Pink Sapphires, which are found in select locations in the entire world. Customize your favorite white, gold, or platinum jewels by choosing from our variety of Pink Sapphires. The hues and tones we make available to you for various ornamental and astrological purposes rise up to hot bubble gum pink, starting from demure light peach.
Traditionally a symbol of loyalty, Pink sapphires makes the best option for an engagement ring. Its unique pink makes it relevant to contemporary designs.

Pink Sapphire
The popularity of pink sapphire can probably be traced to the fascination with pink diamonds. Pink sapphire is favored as an engagement ring because sapphire in the lighter colors tends to have more brilliance, luster and fire. Pink Sapphire also has positive associations, such as faithfulness and sincerity.
Pink sapphire can range in color from a delicate pink without any overtones, to pink with a slight violet tinge. Pink sapphire is colored by the trace element chromium, so the concentration of chromium will determine the depth of color.

Peace of mind – the Pink Sapphire’s spiritual connect
This pretty and delicate looking stone plays a vital role in protecting a person against mental and emotional imbalance. Its pink rays calm his mind and connect it with the heart chakra helping a person generate compassion. A Taurus birthstone, the Pink Sapphire brings wisdom and compassion along with power.

A name synonymous with trust
TT Gems’ has proved to be a huge source of premium gems for the jewellery industry as well as gem enthusiasts across the world with its unlimited collection. The trust it has gained in the 55 years of existence is a result of its ability to seamlessly cater to the contemporary jewellery trends, while delivering pure and exceptionally elegant products, authenticated by world’s leading laboratories.

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